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Deep Excavation DeepXcav 2011 Full crack [MF]

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Deep Excavation DeepXcav 2011

5 files = 179 Mb (incl. 3% - info for restoration purpose)

Joint Soft: FFSJ v.3.3

Click here to download training PDF presentation 1
Click here to download training PDF presentation 2
Click here download training video 1 (80 mb)

[Sample Videos:

DeepXcav 2011 Shoring design software

DeepXcav is a software for deep excavation design and analysis. It can perform both geotechnical and structural design for many wall types that include soldier pile walls, sheet pile walls, and diaphragm walls with multiple sections of reinforcement. DeepXcav can also perform slope stability analysis with soil nailing. It comes packed with all structural and geotechnical design codes.

DeepXcav 2011 is the most recent version of our software. It offers an extensive range of capabilities. It is the product of a two year cooperation with CeAS S.R.L., Italy and accumulates the experience of more than 30 years of combined software development with close to 1000 users worlwide.

Technical Characteristics
Integrated structural and geotechnical features.
Userfriendly graphical approach.
Design and evaluate deep excavations in minutes.
Multiple construction stages and design sections in the same model.
Powerfull options.
Sloped background wedge calculations.
Multiple support types available.
Multiple wall types available.
Great for engineers, consultants, and contractors.
Quick evaluation of many alternatives.
AASHTO LRFD 2010 Design combinations

Slope stability analysis
Soil nailing walls with French Clouterre standards incorporated.
Eurocode 2, 3, 7, 8 implemented.
ACI 318-08, ASD 9th, LRFD
Multiple wall beams can be activated at any stage.
Irregular ground layers
Geotechnical capacity calculations for ground anchors.
Extensive verification examples.
Cofferdam walls and bin type walls with different assumptions.
Detailed summary reports in word and pdf.
Copy - Export to Excel + More

Program screenshots
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