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Reynolds's Reinforced Concrete Designer's Handbook, 11 edition [MF]

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Reynolds’s Reinforced Concrete Designer’s Handbook has been completely rewritten and updated for this new edition to take account of the numerous developments in design and practice over the last 20 years. These include significant revisions to British Standards and Codes of Practice, and the introduction of the new Eurocodes. The principal feature of the Handbook is the collection of over 200 full-page tables and charts, covering all aspects of structural analysis and reinforced concrete design. These, together with extensive numerical examples, will enable engineers to produce rapid and efficient designs for a large range ofconcrete structures conforming to the requirements of BS 5400, BS 8007, BS 8110 and Eurocode 2.

Design criteria, safety factors, loads and material properties are explained in the first part of the book. Details are then given of the analysis of structures ranging from single-span beams and cantilevers to complex multi-bay frames, shear walls, arches and containment structures. Miscellaneous structures such as helical stairs, shell roofs and bow girders are also covered.

A large section of the Handbook presents detailed information concerning the design of various types of reinforced concrete elements according to current design methods, and their use in such structures as buildings, bridges, cylindrical and rectangular tanks, silos, foundations, retaining walls, culverts and subways. All of the design tables and charts in this section of the Handbook are completely new.

This highly regarded work provides in one publication a wealth of information presented in a practical and user-friendly form. It is a unique reference source for structural engineers specialising in reinforced concretedesign, and will also be of considerable interest to lecturers and students of structural engineering.

About the Author:
Charles Edward Reynolds was born in 1900 and received his education at Tiffin Boys School, Kingston-on-Thames, and Battersea Polytechnic. After some years with Sir William Arroll, BRC and Simon Carves, he joined Leslie Turner and Partners, and later C W Glover and Partners. He was for some years Technical Editor of Concrete Publications Ltd and then became its Managing Editor, combining this post with private practice. In addition to the Reinforced Concrete Designer’s Handbook, of which almost 200, 000 copies have been sold since it first appeared in 1932, Charles Reynolds was the author of numerous other books, papers and articles concerning concrete and allied subjects. Among his various professional appointments, he served on the council of the Junior Institution of Engineers, and was the Honorary Editor of its journal at his death on Christmas Day 1971.

James Cyril Steedman was educated at Varndean Grammar School and first employed by British Rail, whom he joined in 1950 at the age of 16. In 1956 he began working for GKN Reinforcements Ltd and later moved to Malcolm Glover and Partners. His association with Charles Reynolds began when, after the publication of numerous articles in the magazine Concrete and Constructional Engineering, he accepted an appointment as Technical Editor of Concrete Publications, a post he held for seven years. He then continued in private practice, combining work for the Publications Division of the Cement and Concrete Association with his own writing and other activities. In 1981 he set up Jacys Computing Services, subsequently devoting much of his time to the development of micro-computer software for reinforced concrete design. He is the joint author, with Charles Reynolds, of Examples of the Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings to BS 8110.

Anthony John Threlfall was educated at Liverpool Institute for Boys after which he studied civil engineering at Liverpool University. After eight years working for BRC, Pierhead Ltd, and IDC Ltd, he took a diploma course in concrete structures and technology at Imperial College. For the next four years he worked for CEGB and Camus Ltd, and then joined the Cement and Concrete Association in 1970, where he was engaged primarily in education and training activities until 1993. After leaving the C&CA, he has continued in private practice to provide training in reinforced and prestressed concrete design and detailing.

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